Our History

Over 35 Years of Service and Dedication!

Pete Smyth

The Founder of Florida Waterways

  • Published a regional monthly boating magazine the FLORIDA WATERWAYS
  • Realized there was an overwhelming need for a comprehensive source book or a book of “local knowledge”.
  • Created by Florida boating people
  • Providing accurate, up to date and practical information
  • For everyone boating in Florida, “locals” and “snowbirds” alike
  • Unlike most cruising guides produced by visitors based on limited observation
  • His dictum to the Editor and Staff:

“Make sure it contains everything anyone boating in Florida needs to know; don’t leave anything out. Our goal is to make boating more fun and less hassle for Florida boaters and our cruising visitors.”

The Silver Book

A common term used by our readers
The Silver book changed considerably over the years

  • Its scope has increased from the original FCD Cover-1st Edition copy Stuart to Key West coverage
  • Now includes ALL of Florida and the Bahamas as well
  • We have always tried to live up to the statement we boldly made on the first cover (Right): “IF IT ISN’T IN HERE, YOU DON’T NEED IT!”


The Companion Website

The Perfect Companion

Created the companion Website in the mid 1990s Enabled Us:

  • To publish monthly updates and corrections
  • To improve and add opportunities to Advertisers
  • To keep up with unanticipated changes
  • “user friendly” by providing an easier to access format.

website 1990

We hope you find our Web site helpful but, as always, welcome your input, too. If you discover that we’ve missed something or have stated anything inaccurately, PLEASE let us know about it immediately. The “Contact Us” page has a quick and easy e-mail link to help you do this.

Finally, let us wish you fair winds and following seas as you enjoy cruising our vast and varied Florida waterways. We hope that this interactive Directory will add to your pleasure.

About Our Team

Over 35 Years of Service and Dedication!

Gina Smyth

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David Figueroa

Information Technology
David Figueroa is an Independent Business Owner at Computer & Networking Services of South Florida, LLC. He is a computer and network consultant specializing in remote help desk and troubleshooting for SOHO and medium sized businesses.

Jools Theriault

Graphic and Web Designer
Jools a website and graphic designer, is Jamaican born and raised with a charismatic Caribbean flare! She is a Sr Graphic and Web Designer with 20+ years in the professional field of digital design.

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