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Limin’ Salad

It doesn’t get much better than limin’ the days away afloat, your reefer filled with refreshing salads like this one. Make your favorite rice any way you choose, or use ready-to-serve rice from a pouch. Lime juice and Key lime juice are available in bottles. Extra points if you use fresh lime juice and a half teaspoon of lime zest.

1 cups cooked rice
1/3 cup lime juice
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
European style cucumber, cut in bite size
Avocado, cut in bite size
1 tablespoon dried cilantro
Pinch ground cumin
Salt, pepper to taste
Lettuce leaf for serving (optional)

To serve now, fold everything together, season and serve. To serve later, combine rice, juice, oil, cucumber and seasonings and chill. Cut up avocado and fold in just before serving. Makes 4 servings of a main dish salad, 6 as a side dish. 


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