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SECTION B - News-y & Cruise-y Items


See information on our store's 50% OFF sale at the beginning of this update ...


The 48th annual TAMPA BOAT SHOW is set for September 6 - 8 at the Tampa Convention Center
on South Franklin Street. Opening at 10 AM on each of the three days, the show closes at 8 PM on Friday and Saturday and 6 PM on Sunday.  The in-water area closes at sunset each day.

Besides boats for sale, the show will keep folks busy with workshops on boating skills plus information on diving, fishing seminars and more.

Visit for more information or call 954-441-3220.

The SOUTH FLORIDA FALL BOAT SHOW will take place September 20th through 22nd at the South Florida Fairgrounds, 9067 Southern Blvd, West Palm Beach.
Besides new and used boats for sale, the show will have other marine items including motors, electronics, hardware, clothing and nautical gifts.
The show includes a Flea Market and Seafood Festival and runs from 9 'til 6 every day. For more information call 561-866-7323 or visit


We had a late August note from Gregg Burdick who, with First Mate Nancy, had a boat business chore ... moving a trawler from Fort Myers to Stuart. (It's a tough business we're in folks, but somebody has to get these things done ...)

We're condensing Burdick's note a bit but want to be sure those crossing the state have his information to hand ... and comments and questions from our readers are being welcomed by Gregg.

To the Editor:

We spent Saturday night at Moore Haven ...  The Mexican Restaurant was closed and Burger King just didn’t appeal, so ...  we found a non-descript bar just s/e before the bridge meets ground level. No windows, and a side door didn’t look inviting but we decided to at least have a cold beer, and maybe search for dinner later.

But, we found the bar was well-stocked and settled in and began to make small talk with the locals. 

When I asked about food, we were offered a choice of fish, shrimp, or wings.  With that choice we could also have French fries or potato salad, and coleslaw. Given other options, and the local companionship, we really settled in ... Dinner came and another Heinekens for me and another Makers Mark for Nancy.  A wonderful evening with our new friends.  And the bill was less than $30!.

We caught the 7 am lock schedule Sunday morning and were home before 3. 


Following is my observation, comment, and opinion report of the waterway condition. 

How are they able to do that?

Do what?

Send non-toxic water down the Caloosahatchee, and toxic water down the Saint Lucie?

Interesting observations this weekend whilst cruising from Fort Myers to Stuart at 10 knots. The first lock (Franklin Lock) is around 10 miles upstream from Fort Myers.  Between Fort Myers and Franklin Lock we encountered a small fleet of sailing dinghy’s; apparently kids learning to sail.  A couple of “outboard chase boats” with instructors.  Also along this route were a few outboard boat families towing kids and others on various close water contact devices. The usual bird showings with some occasionally hitting the water for food. Immediately downstream of the lock, at a Corps recreation area, were families picnicking, and having fun in the water. A few more along the way, both in boats and ashore, fishing.

The water color was the usual “tannic acid” color.  NO MUD!   NO GREEN ALGAE!  A few patches of water hyacinth.

We encountered the same conditions as we progressed upstream to and through the Ortona Lock and on to the Moore Haven Lock. Except no small sailboats, fewer water sports, and increased fishing. And one manatee (actually two together) sighting. The Moore Haven Lock opens to the Lake Rim canal which we followed south to Clewiston, and then east into the Lake.  Many folks were fishing from shore and in small boats. 

The run across the Lake met no fishing or other water activities, which is usual, as all such is better closer to shore. But we were followed by mostly sea gulls and a few other birds which enjoyed whatever our wake would offer in the way of food.

The gate at Mayaca Lock was open (has been for a while), connecting the Lake directly to the Saint Lucie Canal.  Within less than a mile, we encountered muddy water!  No water activity, either human or wildlife.

How is this explained?

I offer the following from knowledge and observation.  

In general, the Caloosahatchee Canal, compared to the is Saint Lucie Canal, is averagely more than twice as wide and averagely more than twice as deep. The same is true for the Caloosahatchee River as compared to the Saint Lucie River / Okeechobee Waterway.  Also of interest, the Saint Lucie Canal was quite obviously dug through high ground; The Caloosahatchee Canal is largely through “flat land” and natural swamp areas.

No active outfalls from upland areas were noted until we were in the Saint Lucie Canal.  There are many outfalls flowing from north and south into the Saint Lucie Canal, certainly adding to the flow from the Lake for discharge into our estuary. But where is the muddy water coming from? It would appear from the outfalls into the Saint Lucie canal as well as the water velocity scouring the bottom muck build-up which had been deposited in less water velocity times. Some bank scouring also perhaps, but that is generally heaver “sandy” particles rather than muck. 

NO GREEN ALGAE anywhere,  but our trip ended on the “real” South Fork at the west end of SW Salerno Road, so we did not see the rest of our estuary on this trip..

Additional comments:

I have transited this route several times since 1958. 

The heavy muck deposits in October 1995 came from the Saint Lucie Canal, not the Lake.  Releases were close to 10,000 cfs with runoff coming from the outfalls north and south of the Saint Lucie Canal.

Who is in charge of what?  We have a mix of ACOE, SFWMD, and various Local (Martin County), State, and Federal agencies.   “After all is said and done, usually more is said than done”.

While our Governor cannot fix the current discharge problem, he can certainly support us and act on our behalf to register our complaints and concerns, as he did for the oyster interests in Apalachicola.  But where does the excess water, the muck and pollutants come from?  Largely from land and properties which are under the jurisdiction of the State and Local Counties I would assume. To cure the current situation would be great, but the real effort must be to control the problem at its source. Why can’t Martin County government control the runoff in Martin County, which certainly appears to be the origin of much (if not all) our muddy water. Why can’t other counties control runoff within their counties.  This appears to me to be largely a County and State problem at the “back to basics” level. 

Let’s not mix up FLOOD CONTROL with ongoing harmful releases.

Gregg Burdick          772 286-9800  


The River Bend Marine Center which has been serving the yachting and brokerage community for nearly 40 years has been purchased by Fort Lauderdale based-Nautical Ventures Group.

River Bend provides dockage for yachts up to 135'; dry storage to 80' and an 80-ton TravelLift, a 15-Ton hydraulic yard crane and a 5-ton self-propelled boat transporter.

Marina amenities include 30/50/100 amp electrical hookups; restroom and shower facilities; a picnic area; Wi-Fi, fax/photocopy & mail services. River Bend also offers the full complement of shipyard services such as: finish painting; custom cabinetry; fiberglass fabrication; mechanical and electrical installation; A/C, refrigeration; diesel and gas engine repair (both IB & OB) as well as repower, custom canvas; mast and rigging services.
Jeff Garcia is President of River Bend and a co-founder of a shipyard on the French Riviera. He brings a wealth of technical expertise and logistical acumen to the luxury yacht market. In addition to the yard's own service staff and trained technicians, they will also have on-site offices staffed by reputable sub-contractors.

Another unique aspect to River Bend are areas set aside for the do-it-yourself yachtsman with workspace where they have 360 degree accessibility.

River Bend is at 1515 SW 20th Street, Fort Lauderdale, 3 NM from the mouth of the New River. Phone is 954-523-1876; website is

Nautical Ventures Group is a consortium of South Florida investors who are passionate about boating and the local marine community. Their goal is to purchase underperforming marine enterprises that are in separate areas of expertise but collectively make up a single-source supplier for boat/motor/watersport sales, accessories ., service and support to the broad South Florida marine marketplace.

By year's end they will have infused over 8.6 million dollars into capital improvements and will be adding a variety of jobs to their current staff of 30. Sales are projected to reach $20 million by 2014.


Seven Seas Cruising Association has announced the 38th Annual Gam to take place November 15 & 16 in Melbourne, Florida. Visit the site at, email or phone 954 771 -5660 for registration information.

Atlantis on Paradise Island Nassau has scheduled a Halloween Slot Tournament and Costume Contest for October 26. The Tournament Buy-In is $750 with first prize  $25,000. Costume prizes total $4,000. Call 1-800-Atlantis to book.

Also, there's the Battle 4 Atlantis basketball tournament on Thanksgiving Weekend ... November 28 - 30.

You can tie up at the Marina or book your hotel room and fly over. 

Call 1-800-Atlantis to reserve your space. To call directly to the Marina phone 242-363-6068 or -6088.


The No-Yelling School of Fishing has an event scheduled for the weekend of November 15-17 in the Florida Keys.

Details for all their events are on their site:



Fishermen’s Village (still featured on our monthly web site update's "Back Page") is located off Marion Avenue in Punta Gorda, FL.  1 800 639-0020 or visit on line at


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