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BIMINI AND CAT CAY are the nearest landfalls to South Florida ports, less than 45 miles off Government Cut in Miami and right on the eastern edge of the Gulf Stream. They are the quickest and easiest to reach ports in the Bahamas unless you are departing from north of Fort Lauderdale, in which case time lost fighting the Gulf Steam outweighs any advantage of their geographic proximity.

The famous pines at the north end of North Bimini have been severely slashed, drastically changing the island's appearance from offshore.

The approach to the recently-dredged channel is west of the Bimini Sands jetties where the markers include a red entrance buoy and two small green buoys in front of Bimini Sands. At press time, some of the aids to navigation have gone missing, so caution is indicated. The markers pick up again at Bimini Big Game and Bimini Bay, but be careful to stay in the channel.

 Bimini Bay's marina is at the far eastern end of the harbor. Controlling depth is about 10 feet at MLW, but shoaling has again been reported, so caution is still in order.  (Continue...)

This section is essentially a continuation of our Bahamas Cruising Guide text, separated for more convenient access. We strongly recommend that everyone planning a cruise to these beautiful islands (and especially those who have never visited here before), also read all of the other elements in the Bamahas portion of this site.

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