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June 13, 2015

Chart Twelve-B

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Sketch Chart Twelve-B

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Tide Station Symbol = Tide Station
Caution Symbol copy = Caution
Clean Marina-small = Clean Marina
BOATUS Symbol =BoatU.S. Cooperating MarinaPort Secxurity Symbol = Link to Port Security Info

FCD Sketch Charts are NOT intended for navigation.

Chart Twelve

Chart Thirteen

ICW “Magenta Line

Boca Chita Harbor

Elliott Key Harbor

Tide Station Symbol

All of the waters on this Chart are within the boundaries of
Biscayne National Park

Homestead Bayfront Marina 305-230-3033
Biscayne National Park Headquarters & Visitor’s center

Prominent Stacks

Tide Station Symbol
Caution Symbol copy

Black Point Marina
Loggerhead Marina - Miami
Black Point Ocean Grill: 305-258-3918

Clean Marina-small
Clean Marina-small