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First Coast Bridges

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Atlantic Blvd (St. Mile 744.5) 65' Fixed Span [Chart]
Bridge Of Lions (St. Mile 777.9) Closed 25'[Chart]
Butler Blvd. Bridge (St. Mile 749.6) 65’ Fixed Span [Chart]
Charles Bennet Bridge (St. Mile 742.1) Two 65' Fixed Spans (Also Called Wonderwood Dr.) [Chart]
Crescent Beach Bridge, SR 206 (St. Mile 789) Closed 25' Opens on Demand (Not Shown On Sketch Charts)
Dames Pt. 169' Fixed Bridge [Chart]
Florida Rte. 312 Bridge (St. Mile 780) [Chart]
Acosta Bridge, 75' Fixed
FEC RR Bridge, Automatic, Usually Open
Fuller Warren (I-95), 75' Fixed Bridge
Hart Bridge, 135' Fixed Span
Main Street Lift Bridge, 40' Closed, 135' Open

The Main Street Lift Bridge monitors VHF Channel 16;
the RR bridge, Ch. 09.


Matthews Bridge, 152' Fixed Span
Kingsley Creek, A1A Bridges (St. Mile 720.7) Twin 65' Fixed Spans [Chart]
McCormick Bridge/Beach Blvd (St. Mile 747.5) 37' Closed [Chart]
Nassau Sound A1A Bridge, 15' Fixed Bridge [Chart]
Palm Valley Bridge (St. Mile 758.8}, 65’ Fixed Span [Chart]
Seaboard RR Swing Bridge 5’ closed; Opens On Demand [Chart]
Sisters Creek Bridge (St. Mile 739), 24' Closed Opens On Demand [Chart]
Vilano Beach Bridge (St. Mile 776), 65’ Fixed Bridge [Chart]


Bridge Clearance Diagrams

Most of the bridges in The First Coast are shown on Sketch Charts One and Three. For your convenience, we also have them all listed here in alphabetical order. Where applicable, the names of bridges are links to their schedules and/or restrictions. 
Clicking on [Chart} will take you to a bridge’s location on our sketch charts.

Addison Point Bridge (St. Mile 885). Closed 27' (Not Shown on Sketch Charts)
Allenhurst Bascule Bridge over the Haulover (St. Mile 869). Closed 27' Opens On Demand [Chart]
Carlton Blank Bridge. (formerly "Broadway") (St. Mile 830) New 65' Fixed Bridge [Chart]
Flagler Beach Bridge, (St. Mile 811) 65' Fixed Span. [Chart]
George Munson Bridge (SR 44) (St. Mile 845) Closed 23' (former Coronado Beach Bridge) [Chart]
Harris Saxon Bridge, (St. Mile 846.5) 65' Fixed Bridge [Chart]
Indian River RR Bridge (St. Mile 877) Closed 7'. Usually open. [Chart]
L.B. Knox Or Bulow Bridge, (St. Mile 816) Closed 15' Opens On Demand [Chart]
Main Street [Daytona Beach], (St. Mile 830). Closed 22' Opens On Demand [Chart]
Max Brewer, SR 402 Bridge, (St. Mile 878.9) Closed 9' [Chart]
Memorial Bridge, (St. Mile 830.6) Closed 21' [Chart]
Ormond Beach, (St. Mile 825) 65' Fixed Bridge [Chart]
Palm Coast Pkwy (St. Mile 803). 65' Fixed Bridge [Chart]
Port Orange, (St. Mile 835) 65' Fixed Bridge [Chart]
Seabreeze Blvd, (St. Mile 829.1) Fixed Twin 65' Spans. [Chart]


Bridge Buttons

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