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This section is similar to the former FCD “NEWS” page, with monthly news (regattas, maritime events and such) of interest to most everyone boating in Florida  as well as updates and corrections to the printed data for the convenience of those using the print (or e-book) versions. The main difference is that we have restructured the section to include multiple pages and it is also more interactive, with links to other sites when more detailed info is available and links to other portions of this site when it can be helpful.
Wherever appropriate, changes or corrections noted in this section will also be made to other pages of the Interactive site as well. Fresh NEWS pages will be published  on or about the first of every month.
If you or your organization have any items of interest to fellow Florida boaters, please send them to us (e-mail will do!) no later than the third week of the month preceding publication.  Naturally, we must maintain editorial control and reserve the right to use or not use and/or edit as needed any information provided to us.

If you are interested in getting updated information of the ICW and other waterways straight “from the horse’s mouth,”
US Coast Guard Local Notices to Mariners are available weekly via e-mail.

For District 7 (Most of the state) Notices click HERE.

For District 8 (Panhandle west of Apalachicola) Notices click HERE.

For Current or Archived* NEWS, click on the month of your interest.

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*the complete 2010 NEWS (March 2010-Feb 2011) is available as a single comprehensive, continuous page -- to view it, click HERE.

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