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About five miles farther south, just before the waterway opens into the headwaters of Biscayne Bay, you'll pass through the Sunny Isles bridge and then comes the Baker’s Haulover area. Notorious for swift currents running through this narrow inlet and the large shoal area between the inlet and the waterway, the channel here has often been one of the shallowest parts of the ICW. Our captain -editors, vary familiar with this area, agree that it deserves caution. They explain...

But that's what happens here ... so be aware of that possibility and continue to favor the greens ... whether going north or south. Caution is always advisable in this area because Ma Nature tends to start rebuilding the offending sandbar almost as soon as the dredge leaves the scene. Although the channel isn't "bad" as we go to press it will steadily, and often not so slowly, get that way again as time progresses Beware!

Baker's Haulover Inlet itself is usually rough, but the ride is short and not really dangerous until conditions are such you wouldn't want to be out in the ocean anyway.

Haulover/Bill Bird Marina at the Miami-Dade Beach Park, just north of the inlet on the east, has a convenient fuel dock with bait, tackle, cold drinks and such, just inside the inlet.

Just about directly west of the inlet is New Arch Creek, but it's reachable only by a marked channel into Keystone Islands, south of Haulover and north of Broad Causeway.  It's the home of the full service Keystone Point Marina. There's a popular anchorage near that Marker 6A mentioned above, best reached by heading up that marked channel and following the locals off to the northeast where the channel itself turns west into the seawall-lined canal.

This web site is, of course, free of some of the "rules of print" and from time to time, will show some additions which could not have been appropriately handled in the book ... or had not occurred before the book was printed. The printed page does not change!

Although they say "books are on the way out" we don't believe it for a minute! Cyber space is great, but some of us will always say: There's nothing like a good book!

South of Haulover, Biscayne Bay really opens up. Once you clear the Broad Causeway bridge, you can remain in the ICW to approach Miami on the west or go east via Meloy Channel for a closer view of glamorous Miami Beach. One factor that may help you decide which route to take is vertical clearance under the Julia Tuttle: The ICW bridge offers 56 feet; the east span, only 35.

Farther south, near the west end of the Venetian Causeway, you'll find the Sea Isle Marina, close to public transportation. It has a good ship's store and friendly, responsive help who more than make up for the sometimes tricky currents you have to deal with when docking.

There are also facilities along that aforementioned eastern route, including Grandview Palace, at 79th Street (walk to the shops and restaurants along the causeway) and Sunset Harbor Marina farther south (also accessible directly from the ICW via a marked channel that runs just north of the Venetian Causeway). Legendary beach resort hotels such as the Eden Roc and Fontainebleau have docks on Indian Creek, which runs inside the islands on the east side of the bay. Access requires opening the 63rd St.(Indian Creek) Bridge if you need more than 11 feet to clear. (Continue...)

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