New manatee, sea turtle decals: an affordable way to support conservation

New editions of manatee and sea turtle decals are available at local tax collectors’ offices across the state. The popular decals, produced annually by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), provide an important source of funds for the state’s efforts to conserve Florida’s manatees and sea turtles.

Anyone donating $5 will receive a decal. Donations support manatee and sea turtle research, rehabilitation and educational programs, as well as FWC conservation efforts.

“It’s great to see our decals everywhere – on cars, trucks, boats and trailers. Decals are a fantastic and affordable way to show the importance of protecting Florida’s manatees and sea turtles,” said the FWC’s sea turtle program leader, Robbin Trindell. “Many FWC animal recovery initiatives are made possible with revenue produced by our decal programs.”

The full-color, waterproof decals are designed to stick on boats or other vehicles.

Decals from past years also are available for people who want to start a collection or need to replace a decal.         

This is the 21st year FWC decals have been created for the Save the Manatee Trust Fund and Marine Resources Conservation Trust Fund.

For more information on manatee and sea turtle decals, please visit or

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