As the above header suggests, we must acknowledge, as much as we hope it turns out to be not true, probably not everything in this Web site is absolutely perfect! Checking ahead to find items or services important to you is a good idea!

Most marinas are shown on our charts with phone numbers. Some marinas are not shown because they seem to have closed, are private or local and not wanting  transient visitors. OR, maybe we've missed them!

Marina people are generally IN THE KNOW and are very willing to help cruising people with questions. If you are having trouble finding out about anything, contact a marina!

Regarding Pumpout lists. We must advise you that once again, that information is most probably less-than-perfect and we suggest that you check ahead with the marina(s)you plan to visit if you need to be absolutely certain about the pumpout situations.

Several Mobile Pumpout Boats are scheduled to visit particular marinas and may respond to VHF or telephone calls to come to your boat at dock or anchor. Information on those we know about is included at the beginning of the listings shown on each Pumpout page.

Fuel docks are listed in each “Coast” by chart and a D or a G indicates  Diesel or Gas only.

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