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Sun Coast Fuel Docks

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You'll find the fuel docks in this region on Sketch Charts Sixteen, Seventeen, Eighteen, Nineteen & Twenty. For your convenience, we have listed them here in alphabetical order. The names of advertisers are also links to the information in their ads. Clicking on the [Chart] link will take you to a fuel dock's location as shown on our sketch chart.

Gas & Diesel — unless followed by (G) or (D) for one only —This list may be incomplete.

Not shown on Chart
On Faka Union River:
Port of the Islands (G): 239-394-3101
For recorded information and extensions call 239-695-3101.
South of Everglades City:
Outdoor Resorts Marina (G): 239-695-2881
Parkway Motel & Marina (G): 239 695-3261

AMERICA MARINE & FUEL DOCK: 239-263-4525 [Chart]
Bonita Bay Marina (G): 239-495-3222 [Chart]
Calusa Island Marina: 239-394-3668 [Chart]
Cocahatchee River Marine (G): 239-513-7919 [Chart]
Fish-Tale Marina: 239-463-3600 [Chart]
Ft. Myers Beach Marina: 239-463-9552 [Chart]
Hamilton Harbor Yacht Club Fuel Dock: 239-417-6717 [Chart]
Marco River Marina: 239-394-2502 [Chart]
Moss Marine: 239-765-6677 [Chart]
Naples Bay Resort Marina: 239-530-5134 [Chart]
Naples City Dock (D): 239-213-3070 [Chart]
Naples Harbour Outdoor Resort (G): 239-213-1441 [Chart]
Parkway Motel & Marina (G): 239-695-3261 [Chart]
Pelican Bend Marina & Restaurant: 239-394-3452 [Chart]
Pelican Pier Marina (G): 239-389-2628 [Chart]
Port-O-Call: 239-774-0479 [Chart]
Port of the Islands Marina (G): 239-642-3133
Salty Sam's Marina: 239-463-7333 [Chart]
Snook Bight Yacht Club Marina: 239-765-4371 [Chart]
Walker's Coon Key Marina: 239-394-2797 [Chart]

     (For Ft. Myers, Cape Coral & Caloosahatchee River West of Franklin Lock)
CAPE CORAL YACHT BASIN: 239-574-0809 [Chart]
Fort Myers Boat Club: 239-454-2629 [Chart]
FORT MYERS YACHT BASIN: 239-321-7080 [Chart]
SWEETWATER LANDING: 239-694-3850 [Chart]

Boca Grande Marina: 941-964-2100 [Chart]
Burnt Store Marina: 941-637-0083 [Chart]
Cape Haze Marina: 941-698-1110 [Chart]
Englewood Bait House: 941-475-4511 [Chart]
FISHERMEN'S VILLAGE: 941-575-3000 [Chart]
Four Winds Marina (G): 239-283-0250 [Chart]
GASPARILLA MARINA: 941-697-2280 [Chart]
Jensen's Twin Palm Resort & Marina 239-472-5800 [Chart]
Jug Creek Marina: 239-283-3331 [Chart]
Marine Dynamics: 941-698-1444 [Chart]
PALM ISLAND MARINA 941-697-4356 [Chart]
Pineland Marina: 239-283-3593 [Chart]
Port Sanibel Marina: 239-437-1660 [Chart]
Punta Gorda Marina (G): 941-639-2750 [Chart]
Royal Palm Marina: 941-475-6882 [Chart]
Sanibel Island Marina: 239-472-2723 [Chart]
South Seas Island Resort: 239-472-5111 [Chart]
St. Charles Marina: 239-466-4935 [Chart]
Stump Pass Marina: 941-697-2206 [Chart]
The Inn Marina: 941-964-2777 [Chart]
'Tween Waters Inn & Marina: 239-472-5161 [Chart]
UNCLE HENRY'S MARINA: 941-964-0154 [Chart]
Whidden's Marina: 941-964-2878 [Chart]

Annie's Bait & Tackle: 941-794-3580 [Chart]
Bradenton Beach Marina: 941-778-2288 [Chart]
Cannons  (G) 941-383-1311 [Chart]
Cortez Fishing Center: 941-795-7796 [Chart]
Crow's Nest Marina: 941-484-7661 [Chart]
Field Club: 941-924-1201 [Chart]
Fisherman's Wharf: 941-484-0505 [Chart]
Galati Yacht Sales 941-778-0755 [Chart]
Gulf Harbor Marina: 941-488-7734 [Chart
Keyes Marina (G): 941-778-1977  [Chart]
Longboat Key Club & Resort: 941-383-8383 (Rest. on site) [Chart]
Manatee Landings: 941-745-1199 [Chart]
Marina Jack: 941-955-9488 [Chart]
Marine Max Sarasota: 941-388-4411 [Chart]
Marine Max Venice: 941-485-3388 [Chart]
Osprey Harbor Club (G): 941-966-2400 [Chart]
Regatta Pointe Marina: 941-729-6021 [Chart]
Riviera Dunes Marina Resort 941-723-9595 [Chart]
Sara Bay Marina: 941-359-0390 [Chart]
Siesta Key Marina: 941-349-1970 [Chart]
Turtle Beach Marina & Pub: 941-349-9449 [Chart]
Twin Dolphin Marina: 941-747-8300 [Chart]

Don’s Dock @ John’s Pass Village: 727-391-3223 [Chart]
F&Y: 727-937-4351 [Chart]
Harborage Marina: 727-821-6347  [Chart]
Harbour Island Marina (Call Wilder Corp. 727-799-2111) [Chart]
Home Port Marina (G): 727-784-1443 [Chart]
Indian Springs Marina (G): 727-595-2956 [Chart]
John's Pass Marina: 727-360-6907 [Chart]
Land's End Marina: 813-645-5594 [Chart]
LOGGERHEAD MARINA: 727-867-2600 [Chart]
Madeira Beach Marina: 727-399-2631 [Chart]
Marjorie Park Yacht Marina 813-259-1604 [Chart]
Marker 1 Marina: 727-733-9324 [Chart]
Maximo Marina: 727-867-1102 [Chart]
Merry's Pier (D): 727-360-1400 [Chart]
O'Neills Marina: 727-867-2585 [Chart]
Pirate's Cove (G): 727-733-1102 [Chart]
Port Tarpon Marina: 727-937-2200 [Chart]
St. Petersburg Municipal Marina: 727-893-7329 [Chart]
Tampa Harbor: 813-831-5757 [Chart]
Tarpon Landing Marina: 727-937-1100 [Chart]
The Harborage Marina: 727-821-6347 [Chart]
Tierra Verde Marina: 727-866-0255 [Chart]
Turtle Cove Marina: 727-934-2202 [Chart]
Village Marina @ Little Harbor: 813-645-3291 (Dock ext. 7142) [Chart]

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