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May 18, 2013

The End?

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Whether you've reached this page by first visiting every page that has led up to it or just happened to click on it directly (perhaps out of curiosity?), two undeniable facts are clear: 1) This is, indeed, the very last page of our Florida cruising guide narratives and 2) You don't drop off the edge of the world when  you cross the Florida/Alabama line in Perdido Bay. You just sail off the western edge of Florida and onto the eastern edge of Alabama, where impressive developments favorable to boating have been happening.

And if you're westbound, remember that good cruising waters of the Gulf ICW continue to stretch out ahead of you all the way to Brownsville, Texas.

But enough talk about going west! This is the FLORIDA CRUISING DIRECTORY and as far as this state is concerned, we have indeed reached the end of the line. But what a trip we've had. We've circumnavigated the entire state, from the Georgia line above Femandina on the east to the Alabama line in Perdido Bay. We've traveled deep into the interior on the beautiful St. Johns River and we’ve crossed the state on the Okeechobee Waterway. We've cruised some 1300 miles, farther than the distance from Fernandina to New York, but we’ve been in Florida all the way. We've also taken the ultimate side trip — a look out to the wonderful and almost limitless cruising grounds of the Bahamas.

Florida is indeed an amazing state, and the possibilities it offers for boating and cruising are almost literally endless. You could cruise for weeks, or months, or even years and still never quite see it all. And the up side of this is you'll never be bored.

So go now, cruise — and enjoy!

The Editors


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