Bimini Big Game Club To Feature Marine and Wildlife Artist Wesley Carter

ALICE TOWN, BIMINI‹JULY 9, 2012‹The works of marine and wildlife artist Wesley Carter are now on display at the historic Bimini Big Game Club Resort & Marina, featuring 26 new paintings.

In addition to the artwork, Carter designed the new logo for the resort.

Carter, who has worked extensively with conservation organizations such as The Chesapeake Bay Foundation and the Water Fowl Festival, is the exclusive artist for The Blue Coast Company, a quality apparel company, whose products will now be offered in the Big Game Club¹s Outfitter Shop along with other custom branded apparel and gear.

"We are delighted to add her works, which are a great fit for our property," said Michael Weber, General Manager.  "She has developed complete collections of wildlife paintings to help raise public interest and awareness on preserving wildlife and their habitats."

 Closed for two years, the Big Game Club, which was founded as a dinner club in 1936, was re-opened by  The Hankey Group of Companies  in 2010 following completion of a $3.5 million renovation that included all guest rooms, the new Bimini Big Game Bar & Grill, Hemingway Rum Bar and Social Lounge and the Outfitter Shop.

 Just over 50 miles from Miami, Bimini has long been a favorite destination for angling and diving enthusiasts. With more than 200-record-setting catches in the waters around the tiny out-island, Bimini has earned its title as Sport Fishing Capital of the World. The diversity of diving experiences also makes Bimini one of the top dive destinations among recreational divers.

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